Peer Reviewed Papers

'Scottish Labour as a case study in party failure: Evidence from the 2019 UK General Election in Scotland' with Ailsa Henderson, Rob Johns and Chris Carman (2020). Scottish Affairs


'Candidate Authenticity: ‘To thine own self be true"' with Dieter Stiers, John Kenny, Sofia Breitenstein, Florence Vallée-Dubois and Mike Lewis- Beck (2019)  Political Behavior (Replication data here)

’A Successful Defence: the 2016 National Assembly for Wales Election’ with Roger Scully (2017) Parliamentary Affairs 

Under Review

'Territorial Identity and Differential Voting'


'Analysing vote choice in a multi-national state: National identity and territorial differentiation in the 2016 Brexit vote' with Ailsa Henderson, Ed Garth Poole, Richard Wyn Jones and Charlie Jeffery.

'Strategic Split-Ticket Voting in Scotland and Wales'

'Authenticity and the Iowa Caucus' with John Kenny, Dieter Stiers, Sofia Breitenstein and Mike Lewis-Beck


Scottish Elections with Ailsa Henderson, Rob Johns and Chris Carman (Forthcoming) Palgrave Pivot

Book Chapters

Stirbu, D;  Larner, J. M; McAllister, L. (2018) ‘Gender Representation in the ‘New’ Politics: Approaches to Candidate Selection in UK’s Legislatures and Beyond’ in Guillermo Cordero and Xavier Coller (eds.) Democratizing Candidate Selection: New Methods, Old Receipts? (Palgrave MacMillan), ISBN 978-3-319-76549-5


Larner, J. M. (2017) ‘How democratic and effective is the devolved government in Wales?’ Dunleavy (eds.) The 2017 Audit of UK Democracy



'Brexit or Independence? Scotland's General Election' with Rob Johns, Ailsa Henderson and Chris Carman (2020) Political Insight

'Unpacking Diversity: Barriers and Incentives to Standing for Election to the National Assembly for Wales' with Roger Awan-Scully, Diana Stirbu, Huw Pritchard and Nye Davies (2018)


'A Parliament That Works for Wales: The report of the Expert Panel on Assembly Electoral Reform.' McAllister, L. et al. (2017) (Provided modelling and statistical analysis)


Works in Progress

- How constitutional preferences condition public perceptions of the status quo: A mediation analysis. Co-Author: R. Awan-Scully  (Early working draft available here)


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